Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Wole New Stash

I love my stash. I love watching my stash grow, adding to it, and having enough yarn that I suddenly realize that... wait... I don't have to BUY yarn to make this (insert desired knitted object here) because I have the yarn already! AND the needles.

My stash had grown enough that the large wicker basket my mother had donated to the cause had been outgrown. Far outgrown. I bought another large wicker basket. It, too, had overflowed. With the redecorating of my room growing, I knew I couldn't stand the tangled mess I was calling my stash any longer. I had to do something. I envied those pretty stash storage systems that I saw on blogs. I wanted something that kept my yarn contained. That didn't look like that episode of I Love Lucy where Ricky tries to make rice and it overflows all over the kitchen. (That would be the "Job Switching" episode famous for the candy factory scene, by the way.)  

I had seen some pretty storage containers at T. J. Maxx, so I went there. I found these:

These are about nine inches deep, so low enough to fit under my bed and deep enough to hold a lot of yarn. This is the entire stash; at least, the part I decided to keep. I threw out/donated all my old acrylic stuff that was probably purchased in the '70s or '80s by my grandmother. I hate acrylic yarn and was never going to use it. So now my stash is down to two baskets and a chest decorated in butterflies. Sadly, the picture of that one wouldn't upload. I'll work on that.

Finally, this is Misha's scarf. Yes, it's grown a bit. The last picture was not quite current; it didn't grow overnight or anything. At least, not that much. I'm pretty thrilled with it.

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